#sschat Twitter Chat


This was my first Twitter chat and while it was intimidating, it was also an incredibly rich source of information and I enjoyed interacting with other educators. I saw a lot of great ideas and interesting (even depressing) blog posts about exit slip ideas, the state of teaching, and the minor gripes of teachers (http://benthamorfoucault.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-people-marked-and-unmarked.html?spref=tw) which I could identify with. I also saw teachers simply connecting with each other and talking about autonomy over their classroom and making connections with each other  and sharing ideas to a large audience that would otherwise impossible without Twitter.

I actually felt inspired. I was able to connect with teachers from different areas, give feedback, and get some really interesting ideas for when I become a teacher. I also thought it was really cool when someone favorited one of my tweets or answered something I said. I’m just one person in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but I was connecting with teachers from all over the country. It was a really positive experience and being connected into a much larger community was pretty awesome. In addition to the educational aspect and the fact that I took away some ideas on one minute essays, it felt cool to be privy to the thoughts and feelings of teachers I wouldn’t be able to hear outside of a teacher’s lounge. Sure it a silly thing to enjoy, but I think that made the experience of the chat so much richer; there was a feeling humanity. It was not all business, it was just a conversation between a large group of individuals with lots of material to pull from.

I think this information will be helpful in the future. Not only is there material to help me as a teacher, but I feel like this can be an outlet to ask questions about all aspects of teaching. For example, I can try different strategies for classroom management or look for cool activities about the civil war. There is simply so much information to pull from and input from so many people that the chat can add a lot to my growth as a teacher. In the next chat, I really need to remember to hashtag #sschat. While I felt connected, I realized I must have looked a little silly participating and not using the proper hashtag. On a more concrete issue, some of what I was saying must have missed the chat and went into the abyss of Twitter and not exactly where I wanted it to go. I also want to put forth some of my own ideas and receive input from that. I also think I need to become more comfortable with the flow of information as I was a little overwhelmed at first. Despite those issues I was happy with the chat and I can definitely see the value of participating.


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